Manastir Tumane

Snegotin, Golubac

Did you know that the Tumane Monastery is one of the most visited monasteries in Serbia? This monastery is only 9 km away from the town of Golubac, so if you ever visit eastern Serbia, the Tumane Monastery is a destination that should not be missed!

Characteristics of the Tumane Monastery
  • Tumane Monastery is located in a beautiful environment of clean and unpolluted nature.
  • It was built in the 14th century, on the eve of the Battle of Kosovo.
  • This monastery is dedicated to the Holy Archangel Gabriel and is the endowment of Miloš Obilić.
  • It was built in the Serbian-Byzantine style and is decorated with buffers and monophor windows.
  • In the nave of the monastery church there is an ark with the relics of Saint Zosimus Sinait. The monastery complex also consists of a large konak, a small konak, as well as a hermitage above which is the chapel of the Venerable Zosim Sinajit.
  • The Tumane Monastery was burned and destroyed in the First and Second Serbian Uprising, and it was rebuilt during the time of Prince Miloš Obrenović.
  • In 1910, this monastery was secretly mined, then demolished to its foundations and rebuilt in 1924.
  • In 1993, the Tumane Monastery was completely painted and renovated.
History of the monastery
A legend about Miloš Obilić, a celebrated Kosovo hero, is connected to the creation of the Tumane monastery. It says that Miloš Obilić accidentally wounded the hermit Zosim Sinajit while going hunting. He immediately took him to Vidar to cure him, but the hermit, unfortunately, passed away. In order to atone for his sin, Milos built this monastery, in which he laid the relics of Zosimus. During the construction of the Tumane monastery, Miloš received an invitation to the Battle of Kosovo. It is not known the exact year of construction of the monastery, but it is known that 1572/73. the monastery of Tumane is mentioned for the first time in writings. This miraculous monastery was female until 2014. Then it was taken over by a young fraternity, so that today this monastery is male.

How to get to the Tumane monastery?
Tumane Monastery is 130 kilometers away from the Serbian capital, so you will need less than 2 hours by car to reach it. If you do not want to visit the Golubac Fortress first, you will reach the monastery by going through Požarevac, which leads to Sredinjevo, all the way to the village of Maleševo, where you will see a signpost that will take you to the monastery itself. The road was asphalted until the entrance to the Tumane monastery. In front of the monastery is a parking lot, where you can leave your car freely.

Additional information
Another name of the Tumane monastery is Djerdapski Ostrog, which only proves the importance of this holy place. People come here from all over the country, but also from abroad. Tumane Monastery is known for great miracles, so many believers visit it to pray to Saint Zosimus and find salvation and comfort in this place.