Crkva Svete Ane - Vajfertova kapela

Ulica oslobođenja, Pancevo

Church history
The Church of St. Anne is a Roman Catholic church, built at his own expense by George Weifert, an industrialist from Pancevo. The construction of this church lasted a year - from 1922, when the foundation stone was laid, to 1923, when the church was consecrated. Before the construction of the Church of St. Anne, Pancevo had only one Roman Catholic church, which was not enough for the needs of over 6,000 believers, as many as there were in this city at that time. George Weifert dedicated this church to his parents Anna and Ignatius, and the church was named in memory of his mother.

Appearance and characteristics of the Church of St. Anne
The Church of St. Anne in Pancevo is a single-nave building, with an irregular base, with an accentuated altar space and a square-shaped bell tower. It was built in the spirit of Art Nouveau, but elements of Byzantine architecture are also present. Neo-Gothic prevails on the west façade and the interior of the altar space. The windows and rosettes are glazed with the stained glass technique. On the stained glass windows on the biform windows there are representations of many saints, such as St. Gabriel, St. Sophia, St. Joseph and St. Mary Magdalene. In the rosettes you can see representations of Jesus Christ in a decorative floral frame.

How to get to St. Anne's Church?
  • From Belgrade to Pancevo you can get by car or bus (via Route 10). You will arrive by car in about 30 minutes, while by bus you will travel a bit longer.
  • If you decide to get to Pancevo by bus, then we recommend that you walk from the bus station to the Church of St. Anne (it will take you about ten minutes across Oslobodjenja Street).
  • If you opt for a taxi service, you can call one of the following carriers: Laguna Taxi - 013 333 666 or Golub Taxi - 013 355 555.
Additional information
Today, bilingual services are held in the Church of St. Anne, but the needs of the faithful are mostly performed in the Church of St. Charles Borromeo, because there are no more Catholics in Pancevo than there were in Weifert's time.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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