Struganik - the birthplace of Zivojin Misic

Struganik is a small settlement in Serbia, which belongs to the municipality of Mionica. It lies under the mountain Maljen, and the oldest mention of its name is related to the first half of the 18th century. The most famous resident of this place is Duke Zivojin Misic, one of the creators of the Serbian military doctrine. In the 20th century, Struganik witnessed some important events in Serbian history. Apart from its historical significance, this settlement is also known for the lithographic stone squares, which appear in powerful deposits. However, what is the real symbol of this place today is the memorial museum, that is, the birth house of Živojin Mišić, which is a cultural monument of great importance.

Birth house of Duke Živojin Mišić
In 1977, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments from Kragujevac completed the reconstruction of the birth house of Živojin Mišić. Then, the original appearance of the house where this prominent duke spent his childhood was restored. Today, this house is a memorial complex, whose installation consists of 2 parts: historical and ethnological. The thematic exhibition within the museum shows Živojin Mišić during the war events at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, with an emphasis on the events in which this famous general played a significant role. In the birth house of Živojin Mišić, the following are shown chronologically:
  • his origins, childhood and schooling
  • history of the Mišić family
  • his military career in the Balkan wars
  • World War I - a special review of the Battle of Kolubara
  • Misic disease and the last days, as well as
  • recognition and contribution to military science.
All this will bring you closer to the general himself, but also to another time and way of life, which the duke nicely described with the sentences: "Life is an eternal struggle. Who we are, he can. He who does not know fear, goes forward! "

How to get to Struganik?
  • From Belgrade to Struganik you can reach in an hour and a half by car (highway A2), while from Novi Sad you will need about 2 hours and 15 minutes (highway A1 / E75 and A2).
  • From Mionica to Struganik you will travel about 15 minutes by car (via Route 150).
Opening hours and ticket price
You can visit the birth house of Živojin Mišić from Monday to Friday (07-19 h), while on weekends the working hours are a little different (09-17 h). The ticket price for all visitors is 170 dinars. You can get additional information by calling the following phone number: 062 8804976.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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