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Rakari, Banja Vrujci

Church of St. Marina - the most important information

The Church of St. Marina is located in Banja Vrujci, a populated place in the municipality of Mionica. This Orthodox church was built in 2007 and belongs to the Diocese of Valjevo of the Serbian Orthodox Church. If you have not visited the church of St. Marina yet, stay with us and find out more about it, as well as the way to get to it the fastest.

Characteristics of the Church of St. Marina
The Church of St. Marina is dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Marina, who is better known to the people as the Fiery Mary. This Orthodox church was built with the funds of a large number of believers from: Popadić, Rakar, Berkovac, Gunjica, Veliševac and Babajić. In addition to the parish home and the building for lighting candles, a church dedicated to the Holy Evangelist John was built as part of the church gate in 2008. That church represents the founder's work of Hadži Vera Stevanović.

How to get to the church of St. Marina?
  • If you start by car from Belgrade, you will reach the church of St. Marina in an hour and 20 minutes (on the A2 highway). This road is the fastest, but there are 2 more times: via Route 22 and via Route 26 / on the A2 motorway.
  • You can reach this church from Mionica in about ten minutes, so we recommend that you call a taxi, as the distance is not great. The following carriers will be at your disposal: Stević 065/9740509, Taxi transport Mionica 064/9267071 and Nedeljko Pešić 064/3415657.
Additional information
The Church of St. Marina is a magnificent building that truly adorns the entire Banja Vrujci, providing all believers who come to it with peace and bliss. Banja Vrujci is otherwise known for this building, but also for the children's educational center Čarobno selo, the municipal public bath Vojvoda Mišić, as well as for the traditional manifestation Vrujački izvori. Exhibitions of old crafts and numerous concerts are organized at that event, in which folklore ensembles, singing groups and soloists on instruments participate.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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