Ravna gora - the most important information

Ravna gora is the name of a plateau that stretches on the western and southwestern slopes of the mountain Suvobor, in western Serbia. It is a flat area, overgrown with lush meadows and pastures, so you will surely enjoy its landscapes. Stay with us and find out what you can see on Ravna gora and what are the easiest roads that lead to it!

What can you see on Ravna gora?
If you will ever be in western Serbia, take some time and stop by Ravna gora. At the very entrance to this place, you will be greeted by a memorial plaque and a monument to General Draža Mihajlović, erected in the 1990s, as a reminder of the Ravnogorski movement. In addition, the following sights await you on Ravna gora:
  • Forest house - renovated and adapted in 1995, eventually became the property of the hunting association.
  • The Church of the Holy Great Martyr George - built in 1998 with the help of charitable contributions from numerous people from the country, but also from abroad.
  • Mausoleum of Draža Mihajlović - here all visitors can see an exhibition of Chetnik photographs, souvenirs and historical texts, which speak of the Ravnogorski movement (1914-1945).
  • Ravnogorski kamen - natural wealth in the form of stone characterizes Ravna gora and its surrounding landscapes. Quarries on Ravna Gora transport, sell and install Ravna Gora stone throughout Serbia, as well as export abroad.
  • Wet cave - the most valuable and most interesting tourist potential of Ravna gora. This cave is cut into a steep limestone rock, and its total length is 395 meters. A strong stream erupts from Mokra pećina, after which it got its name.
How to get to Ravna gora?
  • If you start from Belgrade by car, you will travel to Ravna gora in a little less than 2 hours (by highway A2).
  • From Banja Vrujci to this place will take you about half an hour (via Route 356). We advise you to call a taxi service, which is favorable in this area, so the starting price is 50 dinars, while each kilometer traveled is 70. The following carriers are available to you: Stević 065/9740509, Taxi transport Mionica 064/9267071 and Nedeljko Pešić 064 / 3415657.
Additional information
Ravna gora remained best known for Dragoljub Mihajlovic, for whom a memorial complex was erected in this place, with the aim of preserving the memory of the Yugoslav Army in the homeland, as well as the Chetniks led by the unforgettable general - Uncle Draza.