Spomenik Živojinu Mišiću

Mionica, Banja Vrujci

Monument to Živojin Mišić - the most important information

The monument to Duke Živojin Mišić is located in the center of Mionica, a small town in the Kolubara district. This settlement is about 20 km away from Valjevo. A monument to Zivojin Misic, who was born in a nearby town, is located on the main square. It was built in 1988, on the 70th anniversary of the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front and the creation of Yugoslavia.

Appearance and characteristics of the monument
This monument is a faithful depiction of Duke Živojin Mišić - a military leader on horseback, who holds a sword in his left hand and seems to continue to supervise his soldiers, leading them bravely to new victories. The sculpture is placed on a pedestal whose height is 3 meters. As for the material, the sculpture is cast in bronze, while the pedestal is covered with granite slabs. The monument to Živojin Mišić will remind you how important it is to fight and stay brave in all situations and obstacles, which life can sometimes surprise us with. After all, that is the message of the famous slogan of this famous general: "Whoever we are, he can." He who does not know fear, goes forward! "

How to get to Mionica?
You can reach Mionica in several ways:
  • by car
  • by bus or
  • by train
If you start by car from Belgrade, you can reach this place in an hour and 20 minutes (by highway Miloš Veliki).
If you decide to travel by bus, then choose one of the carriers (Lasta or Europa bus), which runs to Valjevo. Ten kilometers from Valjevo is the station Divci, where you need to get out, and from there take a local taxi to get to Mionica (Taxi transport Mionica: 064/9267071).
The Belgrade-Bar railway also passes through Divce, so you will be able to reach this town by train from various parts of Serbia.

Additional information
Duke Zivojin Misic was forever remembered for his knowledge and ability of military command, as well as for the freedom he brought to the Serbian people. This fearless commander of the Serbian army won the battle of Kolubara, in the First World War. His maneuver is still studied in military schools, and he was part of the liberation Thessaloniki operation in 1918.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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