Manastir Vraćevšnica

Vraćevšnica, Gornji Milanovac

Vracevsnica Monastery - The most important information 

On the southern slopes of the Rudnik mountain, hidden among the trees and guarded by nuns, rises the monastery of Vraćevšnica. It was named after the village in which it is located, and it built its importance over time. On the way from Gornji Milanovac to Kragujevac, this would be an unavoidable destination for many travelers.

History of the monastery
The monastery in the style of the Moravian school was built by the leader Radic Postupovic in 1482, as a sign of gratitude that he and the inhabitants of the village of Vracevsnica survived the Battle of Kosovo. He dedicated the monastery church to St. George. It was built as a men's monastery, but that was changed in 1935, so now nuns live in it. Important historical events are connected to him, such as the raising of the Second Serbian Uprising, because it was there, the night before the outbreak of the uprising, that the insurgents took communion, together with Prince Milos Obrenovic.

During the Turkish invasions, the monastery was damaged several times, but also rebuilt in order to return the monastery life to it. From 1805 to 1813, the relics of Stefan Prvovencani were located there until they were transferred to Fenek. This monastery was also a meeting place for famous people of that time, Karadjordj, Milan Obrenovic, Spiridon Filipovic and Dositej Obradovic, who together brought up insurgent plans.

Monastery today
Vracevsnica is adorned with three lodgings that were built at different times, one of which dates back to the period when the monastery church itself was built. Although the monastery fell into debt after 1923, the nuns, after coming to the monastery, managed to fix it and restore its former splendor and reputation.

What can you see in Vraćevšnica
  • In the monastery gate is the grave of grandmother Visnja, the mother of Prince Milos.
  • Also, in the monastery's possession are parts of the furniture of the Obrenovic family, their portraits, but also the works of art of Djura Jaksic, who once visited the monastery.
  • For over 90 years, the curtains and carpet in which the bodies of King Alexander and Queen Draga were wrapped were kept there, after the assassination on the night of the May coup. Today, they are in the Museum of the Rudnik-Takovo region.
How to get to the monastery Vraćevšnica
Vracevsnica is 20 km away from Gornji Milanovac. You will reach the monastery by car in 25 minutes, if you take the road to Kragujevac, and after Donja Crnuca, turn left towards the village.

Additional information

You need to enter the monastery properly trained, with covered shoulders and without short clothes. For more information on the rules and customs, you can always contact the nuns of this monastery.