Milošev konak u Gronjoj Crnući

Gornja Crnuća, Gornji Milanovac

Milos's konak - The Place of the Uprising

Near Gornji Milanovac, on the slopes of the mountain Rudnik, is the village of Gornja Crnuca, which hides the residence of Prince Milos, together with stories about the rise of the Second Serbian Uprising. Konak (residence) is a cultural asset of Serbia and is categorized as a cultural monument of exceptional importance.

A story shared by a prince and a boarding house
After the First Serbian Uprising experienced its infamous end, Prince Milos sought a place to hide from Turkish persecution and prepare a new campaign to liberate the country. After staying in the monastery of Saint Nikola in the Ovcar-Kablar gorge and under the mountain Kablar, he found a place on the property of his stepfather, in the village of Gornja Crnuca. There he built a boarding house in which he spent all the following years, from where he decided to lead the Second Serbian Uprising in the fight against the Ottomans. After the uprising, this place was a kind of capital, because the administrative affairs of the liberated state were performed there. The prince lived here until 1818, when he moved the capital to Kragujevac.

The appearance of the inn
The inn was built as an "Osacanka" log cabin - a typical building of that time that found its place in Sumadija due to its characteristic appearance. It is adapted to the mountain relief, so the base and the basement are built of stone, while the rest of the house is in wood. In the yard there are other auxiliary buildings, typical for that time: sculpture, loggia, smokehouse and barn. In the konak itself, there is a permanent exhibition called "Serbian house in the first half of the 19th century". It consists of exhibits related to the Second Serbian Uprising, weapons, documents, but also furniture and works of fine art.

Additional information
The inn is managed by the Museum of the Rudnik-Takovo Region in Gornji Milanovac.
The museum is open to visitors, and you can get additional information by calling 032 721 335

How to get to Milos's konak
Konak is located 22 km from Gornji Milanovac. You can reach it by car in half an hour, if you take the road to Kragujevac, and after Donja Crnuca turn left. After passing the village and the monastery of Vracevsnica, you will reach Gornja Crnuca and the boarding house.