Zavojsko Lake - the most important information

Zavojsko Lake is one of the two lakes in our country that were formed by colluvial processes (under the direct action of gravity). It is both a natural and artificial lake, and is located in southeastern Serbia, 15 kilometers from Pirot and at the foot of Stara Planina.

Origin of Zavojsko Lake
The lake was formed in 1963, after erosion that blocked the flow of the river Visocica. As a result of that event, a natural dam was built. Unfortunately, this process flooded the village of Zavoj, which was located in the valley, but a lake was created, which was named after that village. The villagers were moved to a settlement near Pirot, which was named Novi Zavoj, and a dam was upgraded on the interrupted course of the river, so it became a real lake.

Characteristics of Zavojsko Lake
The lake is 17 kilometers long, which makes it one of the longest in Serbia. It is 300 meters wide, and the maximum measured depth is about 70 meters. It is characteristic because it does not have the classic shape of a lake, but extends in length, like a river. It also has its tributaries - the rivers Visocica, Gostushka and Belska rivers, and the lake is also used for the operation of the Pirot hydroelectric power plant.

Activities on Zavojsko Lake
The water in the lake is extremely clear and clean, and it is home to many fish gardens, including fishermen from all over the country who come here to fish. In addition, due to its proximity to Pirot, this place is above all, a favorite picnic spot for the people of Pirot and Nis. The water temperature in summer is a pleasant 24 degrees. Therefore, it is possible to do water sports, and there are a number of suitable places for swimming and camping, such as:
  • camp beach Buljarice
  • camping place Padinje
  • locality near Belski most
How to get to Zavojsko Lake?
It is about 20 kilometers away from Pirot, so you can get there in half an hour by car.
  • By car: From Pirot, on the road through Novi Zavoj, Gradašnica, Nisor and Koprivstica. You can get from Belgrade in 3 and a half hours, via A1, through Jagodina, Paracin, Nis and Pirot.
Additional information
The depth of the water in the lake varies, so it is easy to reach a depth of 50 meters, so caution is recommended for less experienced swimmers when entering the water. Also, keep in mind that you are in nature, so dispose of garbage only in the places provided for that, or, if there is no designated place for garbage disposal near you, keep it with you and then throw it away when you have the opportunity.