Koprenski vodopad

Dojkinci, Stara planina

Koprenski waterfall - Basic information

Stara Planina is still an area very rich in natural rarities that has yet to be explored. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Koprenski waterfall was discovered and measured only in 2011. However, this is the second largest waterfall in Serbia and the waterfall is located at the highest altitude, as much as 1,820 meters above sea level.

Characteristics of Koprenski waterfall
The waterfall springs below Kopren, the top of Stara Planina, after which this natural phenomenon got its name. It is 103 meters high and at the moment when it was measured, it received the title of the highest waterfall in Serbia, which it carried for the next year, until a higher, Kaludjerski skok was discovered. The waterfall consists of several cascades, some of which reach up to 40 meters.

How to get to Koprenski waterfall

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is necessary to walk in order to reach the waterfall. You need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to walk, in order to have the opportunity to enjoy the view and touch of the cold water flowing through it. However, one part of the road can be crossed by car, ideally, by some better equipped off-road vehicle.
  • It is about 54 km away from Pirot, so you will need to set aside an hour and a half, passing through Rsovce, Visocka Rzana, Vrelo and Jelovica.
  • From Belgrade you can arrive in 4 and a half hours, by highway A1, through Jagodina, Paracin, Nis and Pirot, then through smaller places - Rsovce, Visocka Rzana, Vrelo and Jelovica.
Additional information
Be ready to walk, so dress and put on your shoes accordingly. In addition, remember that you are in a natural environment, so do not throw garbage outside the marked places. If there is no space for garbage disposal, keep it with you, and throw it away when you come across the place prescribed for that.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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