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Ušće 10, Belgrade

Museum of Contemporary Art - basic information

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade is the main exhibition space where works of Yugoslav, Serbian and foreign art are exhibited, covering the period from 1900 until today. In addition, this institution is engaged in other cultural and artistic activities, so it is actively involved in contemporary social trends.

History of the Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum started working in 1958, when the decision was made to establish the Modern Gallery, which will follow and study the currents of contemporary art of the then Yugoslav state. However, the building itself was built in 1965, opposite the Kalemegdan Fortress, on the other side of the Sava. The founder and first director of the museum was a distinguished artist, art historian and theorist, Miodrag B. Protić. It received the status of a cultural monument in 1987.

Architecture of the Museum of Contemporary Art

The building of the Museum is very recognizable and represents an example of post-war Yugoslav architecture. It consists of six cubes with truncated corners, so it can be easily seen from a distance. Within the museum there is a park filled with sculptures of sculptors of the XX century. The exterior walls are lined with marble slabs and glass, while the sloping roof surfaces are completely covered with glass. The interior is very well designed, divided into five levels, so there are no vertical partitions. Therefore, it is very easy to observe the exhibits from different levels, but also easy to reach them, because the museum is equipped with stairs and an elevator. The entire interior of the museum is 5,055 square meters, and the highest level is at a height of 10.14 meters from the ground.

Collections and exhibits of the Museum of Contemporary Art
The permanent exhibition of the museum numbers about 8,000 works, and it is constantly increasing through redemption, through gifts or legacies. In addition to the permanent exhibition that can always be seen, exhibitions of many artists of the XX and XXI century are often organized. Among those whose works are exhibited are Marina Abranović, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Yves Klein, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee.
  • Collection of paintings from 1900 to 1945.
  • Collection of paintings after 1945.
  • Sculpture collection
  • Collection of graphics and drawings
  • Collection of new art media (photography, film, video, etc.)
How to get to the Museum of Contemporary Art?
  • On foot: from Republic Square you can reach after half an hour of easy and pleasant walk, over Zeleong venac, Brankova street and Branko's bridge, and through Ušće park.
  • By taxi: Pink taxi - 19803; 0800 11 9803; 065 488 99 77 Safe Tax BG - 060 8801010
  • By public transport: buses 15, 65, 78 and 84 stop nearby; trams 12 and 9
Within the museum there is a parking lot for visitors, so you can come by car.

Opening hours of the Museum of Contemporary Art and ticket prices
The museum is open from 12 noon to 8 pm, except Tuesdays.
The regular ticket price is 600 dinars, and with a discount (for students, high school and elementary school students, pensioners, as well as European youth card users) it costs 300 dinars.

Additional information
Information on group visits and guided tours can be obtained at the museum's telephone number 063-862-3129, and at, from 9 am to 6 pm. To find out more about current exhibitions and possible changes, you can also visit the Museum's website.


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