Karadjordje's Park - basic information

Tucked between Liberation Boulevard and Nebojsa Street, there is a small, green oasis, known as 
Karadjordje's Park. On the slope at the foot of St. Sava Square, this park preserves memories of the heroic deeds of the Serbian insurgents during the First Serbian Uprising. Although surrounded by busy streets, it seems isolated from noise and city life, because the many trees, walkers and benches make this place peaceful and suitable for walking and relaxing.

History of Karadjordje's Park
The area of ​​today's park is closely connected to the First Serbian Uprising. Namely, the camp of the main insurgent army was located at this place, which Karadjordj led to the liberation from the Turks. In that campaign, many soldiers were killed, so they were buried in the area of ​​Karadjordje's Park, and 12 of their tombstones are still visible. In their glory, Prince Alexander erected a monument in 1848, after which the formation of the park that will be located around it began. In the later period, this park was also important for the Second World War, because a shelter was built in it, in which, unfortunately, 192 Belgraders lost their lives. Today, there is a stone plaque in that place in memory of the killed civilians.

Monuments of Karadjordjev Park
This park with a rich history is filled with monuments that represent important historical landmarks. Highlights:
  • Monument and cemetery of the liberators of Belgrade in 1806
  • Memorial bust of Alfonso de Lamartine
  • Monument to the International Brigades formed in Spain
  • Monument to the third callers in Belgrade
  • Memorial for 192 killed Belgraders
Karadjordje's Park today
The park was last renovated in 2003. Today, paths for walkers intertwine through it, there are a large number of benches, as well as a playground for children. It is one of the main vacation spots for Belgraders who live nearby, but also for their pets who often walk in the park. It is extremely quiet, despite the changing streets that surround it, and the greenery it is filled with is an additional reason to stay here a little longer. 22 species of deciduous trees, as well as 4 species of conifers, found their home here.

How to get to the park?
The park is located just below the plateau of the temple of St. Sava and the National Library. If you want to reach park, you can do it on different ways:
On foot: from the city center you can reach by an easy walk in half an hour.
By taxi: Pink taxi - 19803; 0800 11 9803; 065 488 99 77 Safe Tax BG - 060 8801010
By public transport: Near the park there are buses 31, 36, 78 and tram 9.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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