Skadarlija - basic information

There is a well-known street in Belgrade that still preserves the spirit and former appearance of our capital. Skadarlija is located in the city center, surrounded by important city buildings. Even before many larger streets or boulevards, Skadarlija, with its length of only 500 meters, became the most famous place for tourists in Belgrade. It was a meeting place for many actors, poets and artists in general, who found like-minded people and lovers of good food, drinks and music in it.

History of Skadarlija
What we know today as a bohemian quarter, Skadarlija has not always been. Namely, near the National Theater, there was the Dardanelles tavern, a famous gathering place for actors, who came there after the plays. However, when the tavern was demolished, the artists of that time spontaneously moved to Skadarlija, which was previously called Cigan-mala and where Roma lived. Due to the circumstances, many found refuge in Skadarlija's taverns, so it soon became recognizable because of that. If you were looking for Momo Kapor, Branislav Nusic, Djuro Jaksic or Bora Stankovic, you would know that you should look for them in Skadarlija.

Many poems and literary works were written at tables in a small cobbled street. There was also the first brewery in Belgrade in this street, the famous Small Brewery. Within this street, there were famous cafes Zlatan bokal, Vuk Karadzic, Milos Obići, Bandist. However, time did not overtake all these cafes. They survived the Three Hats and Two Deer taverns, where visitors can still taste good food and hear old-town music. The street is landscaped, but its original appearance has been preserved, with a cobbled street and old buildings housing restaurants and cafes.

House of Djura Jaksic
Djura Jaksic, a Serbian writer, poet and painter, will be remembered for many things, including his bohemian life. His house, where he lived with his wife and daughters, is located in Skadarlija, and in front of it is a monument dedicated to this artist. He presented Belgrade with significant works, but also stories about his rich bohemian life and unique nature. Today, his house has been turned into a museum, the entrance to which is free, and in which literary and poetry evenings are regularly held, as well as events that preserve the memory of the artist himself.

Taverns of Skadarlija
This alley used to be home to 14 cafes. Times have changed, cafes have changed, but the bohemian spirit has survived. As we have already mentioned, Skadarlija continued to be guarded by the Three Hats and Two Deer cafes, but they are not the only places where you can try delicious food and listen to live music with a glass of wine. Among them today are my Hat and the Little Sparrow. The choice of cafes and restaurants where you can stay is large, as well as the music repertoire and the choice of food and drinks. For one gastronomic tour, it would be a sin to bypass Skadarlija's restaurants.

What else to visit near Skadarlija
  • Bajloni's market
  • Building of Bajloni's brewery
How to get to Skadarlija
Skadarlija, ie Skadarska Street, is located tucked between Despot Stefan Boulevard and France on Dorcol.
  • On foot: from the Republic Square you can reach it in 5 minutes, along France and Despot Stefan Boulevard
  • By taxi: Pink taxi - 19803; 0800 11 9803; 065 488 99 77 Safe Tax BG - 060 8801010, Lux Taxi -011 3033 123
  • By public transport: there are bus stops 26, 31, 58, 65, E2 and trams 10 and 5 nearby.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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