Šarganska osmica

Mokra Gora, Zlatibor

Sarganska osmica - the most important information

Sharganska osmica is the name of the museum-tourist complex of railways owned by the Serbian Railway Museum. The museum train "Nostalgia" runs on this line from April to October (summer season) and from December 25 to January 25 (winter season). In an hour's drive, this train passes through 22 tunnels and over 5 bridges. The museum railway passes through the protected nature park Mokra Gora and Shargan, which is located on the border of Zlatibor, Tara and Zlatar. Not far from the Mokra Gora station, there is Drvengrad, a film village of the world-famous director Emir Kusturica, with a view of the station and the Sharganska Osmica railway.

Sarganska osmica railway
The train passes over five bridges and through 22 tunnels, with a total length of over 5 km, and stops at 4 railway stations:
  • Mokra Gora - this railway station had 3 tracks, the second of which was transit. The station had a water intake and a pit for cleaning locomotives, as well as a station warehouse.
  • Jatare - it was not a railway station, but a crossroads, it had 2 tracks, the other of which was passable. It also had a pull-out that was used to park locomotives.
  • Golubići - this station was made for the purpose of shooting the film Life is a Miracle, so today it is used as a tourist attraction. At this station there is a lookout point Krst, which offers an interesting view of 2 tunnels.
  • Shargan Vitasi - had 4 tracks and was at the highest altitude of 806 meters above sea level, on the railway Uzice - Visegrad.
It is possible to stay on the route of the museum railway Sharganska osmica for several days, because within the railway stations there are accommodation and catering facilities, which will make your stay even more beautiful.

How to get to Sarganska osmica?
  • If you are leaving Belgrade by car, you can reach this place in 3 hours and 15 minutes (via A2 and E763).
  • From Zlatibor to Sharganska osmica you will travel a little more than half an hour via Route 28. We recommend that you call one of the following taxi services: Zlatibor Alex taxi - 031 846100 or Maxi Taxi Zlatibor - 031 846100.
Additional information
When you are on Mokra Gora, be sure to visit the healing spring of Bele Vode. In addition to the healing springs, appropriate spaces have been arranged: the Museum of Open-Air Technical Culture, which contains railway vehicles and steam-powered construction machines, as well as the Club of the Native Association of Mokrogorac.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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