Jezero Ćelije

Ćelije, Krusevac

Lake Celije - the most important information

Have you heard of Lake Cells? It is an artificial lake, which you will surely love as soon as you see it. It is located near Krusevac, so we advise you to visit it if you are ever near it. Learn something new below and learn how to get to this interesting place.

Characteristics of the Lake Celije
The surface of Lake Ćelija at the level of normal deceleration is almost 3 km², while the surface of the basin is about 600 km². The length of the shore of this lake is over 20 km, the shores are very indented, and the average depth is about 14 m. The amplitudes of the lake's water level depend on the amount of precipitation and the amount of water used. The highest water levels are in late spring, and the lowest in late summer and early autumn. During the summer days, the temperature of the surface layer of the water is from 25 to 27 ° C, so then you can swim here and enjoy various water sports. Lake Ćelije is a favorite destination of sport fishermen and various events are occasionally organized there. The most famous event is the "Chigra Cup" - a competition in fishing for white fish on a float.

How to get to Lake Celije?
  • Belgrade is about 220 km away from this lake, so you can reach it by car in 2 hours and 45 minutes (by highway A1 / E75).
  • From the center of Kruševac to Lake Ćelija you will travel for about half an hour (via Route 38). As the distance is not great, you can call one of the following taxi services and enjoy a safe ride. We recommend: Next taxi: 037 / 43-43-43, Boss taxi: 037 / 444-555, Urban taxi: 037 / 499-499 or Mega taxi: 037 / 46-46-46.
Additional information
Lake Ćelije is a habitat for many plant and animal species. Based on the data of the Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia, there are as many as 8 species of fish in the area of ​​this lake, of which the most dominant are: perch, carp, perch and bream. There are also 31 species of mammals and 117 species of birds. As for plant species, there are over 270 of them.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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