Ovčar planina

Dučalovići, Cacak

Ovčar mountain - the most important information

Welcome to Ovčar mountain, which is located in western Serbia! The highest peak of this mountain (985 meters) with the mountain Kablar makes the famous Ovčar-Kablar gorge, through which the West Morava flows. In case you didn't know, there used to be a volcano on Mount Ovčar a long time ago, which is not active now. A television antenna and an RTS transmitter are located at the top of the mountain. In addition, a lookout point awaits you at the top of Ovčara, with an enchanting view of the town of Čačak.

Characteristics and sights of the mountain
Ovčar mountain is located on the northeastern edge of the Dinaric landscape, while Mount Kablar is located in Šumadija, on the southwestern edge. The two peaks of these mountains are only 2 and a half kilometers away from each other by air. Part of Ovčar Mountain is protected as a natural asset of the Republic of Serbia. The rich nature and sights of Ovčara attract numerous visitors from the country as well as from abroad. Not far from this mountain is Ovčar Banja, with thermal water temperature from 36 to 38 ° C, microthermal climate, clean air and preserved flora and fauna. Ovčar Banja is warmly recommended to everyone who has some of the following health problems: rheumatic diseases, degenerative rheumatism, arthrosis, spondylosis or the consequences of bone fractures. Along the road to Ovčar Banja, under Ovčar Mountain you will notice numerous monasteries, which you can visit on this occasion. There are a total of 12 active monasteries and 2 churches, which is why the surrounding population calls this place "Serbian Holy Mountain".

How to get to the mountain Ovcar?
  • If you start from Belgrade by car, you can reach Ovčar Mountain in less than 2 and a half hours (via A2).
  • From Čačak to this place you will travel about half an hour (via E763 and Route 408). We recommend the following taxi carriers: Mega Taxi 032 340350, Pink Taxi 032 320640, Ča taxi 032 320032 or As taxi 032 320333.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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