Javor Mountain - the most important information

Welcome to Mount Javor, which is a great treasure of southwestern Serbia! This mountain is located on the road Ivanjica - Sjenica, on the border between the municipalities: Nova Varos, Ivanjica and Sjenica. At the foot of Javor you will be able to notice the river Uvac, which has recently become a popular tourist destination. This mountain is overgrown with beech forest and has a lot of pastures, springs and streams, as well as various forest fruits. All this contributes to its landscapes being magical and providing peace to each of its visitors.

History of the mountain
Numerous battles and wars were fought on Mount Javor during the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The Serbian-Turkish border was located at this place until the First Balkan War. In Kušići, Karađorđe and his insurgents built strong fortifications and trenches, which are still recognizable today.

Mountain Javor today
On the hill above the former customs house, you will be able to visit the monument to the hero of the Javor War - Major Mihailo Ilić, after whom the primary school in Kušići was named. Next to the monument, there is a cemetery of Serbian soldiers who died heroically on Kalipolje. All rivers in this area are characterized by clean and clear mountain water, with a rich fish stock, in which brown trout stand out.

Mount Javor is one of the most healing mountains in Serbia. It is known for its healing properties for various diseases, such as: anemia, chronic respiratory diseases, bronchitis and asthma. Also, Mount Javor is suitable for raising the general state of immunity. According to the legend, the wounded Jugović came to this mountain to see his wounds, straight from the battle of Kosovo

How to get to Mount Javor?
  • Belgrade is 240 km away from this mountain, so you will travel to it by car for about 3 and a half hours (via A2).
  • From Nova Varoš you can reach Javor in about 40 minutes (via Route 21). We recommend the following taxi service: Goran Tosunovic PR, Taxi Prevoznik Nova Varos (064 2682385), which works 00/24.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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