Rodna kuća Dimitrija Tucovića

Gostilje bb, Zlatibor

Birth house of Dimitrije Tucović - the most important information

This Zlatibor log cabin is located about 30 kilometers from Zlatibor, in the village of Gostilj and is under state protection. The leader of the socialist workers' movement and a well-known theorist was born in this house on May 13, 1881. He finished high school in Užice and continued his education in Belgrade. He was the editor of the party newspaper Radnička novina. Somewhat later, he started the theoretical magazine Borba. He lived until the Battle of Kolubara, in which he lost his life, on Vrapčje brdo near Lazarevac, in 1914.

History of Dimitrije Tucović's house
In 1855, a house was built, which is a cultural monument of great importance. It has great ethnographic value, it is also of material importance. In 1953, it was covered with new shingles, split wooden planks. In the spirit of the traditional Zlatibor log cabin, it is one of the most beautiful houses in Zlatibor in the 19th century.

What must you see in the birth house of Dimitrije Tucović?
Dimitrije Tucović's birth house was turned into a museum when it was thoroughly renovated, you can see pictures of this famous theorist, inside the house. Next to the house, you can see a bust of this great man. Nearby you can visit:
  • inn waterfalls over 20 meters high.
  • Rakovica cave
  • Katushnica River
How to get to the birth house of Dimitrije Tucović?
The house is located in the village of Gostilje, and the road to it is marked, but due to the dense vegetation, the board is not well noticed. All you need to do is to follow road Bela zemlja - Ljubiš - Jasenovo. You can come by car.

Opening hours and ticket price
  • Opening hours: every day from 9:30 to 20:00
  • The ticket price for Gostiljski vodopad is 100 dinars for children, while 150 dinars for adults.
  • You can buy a ticket for the museum at a price of 150 dinars.