Hram Svetog proroka Ilije

Bačevci, Strmovo, Tara

Temple of the Holy Prophet Ilija - the most important information

The temple of the Holy Prophet Ilija is located in the village of Bacevci, near Bajina Basta.
It is dedicated to the Holy Prophet Ilija, who was an Israelite prophet from the 9th century
BC. He is considered one of the greatest prophets in Christianity. It was named after the god
of thunder, so it is also called Gromovnik. Saint Ilija is the glory of airmen, and his day is
celebrated on July 20 according to the Julian calendar, and on August 2 according to the
Gregorian calendar.

History of the temple of the Holy Prophet Ilija
During the time of the Turks, a medieval monastery was demolished in the village of Bacevci,
after which, in 1934, the temple of the Holy Prophet Ilija was built. Momir Korunovic, as
the most famous Serbian architect between the two wars, designed this proportional church
with a three-tiered bell tower. In 1935, the temple was consecrated by the Bishop of Sabac,
Simeon Stankovic.

What is obligatory to do in the temple of the Holy Prophet Ilija?
Every year, in August, the glory of the temple is held, which you can attend. The glory of
the temple of the Holy Prophet Ilija is what brings together priests, children, municipal
officials and all other believers. Litija passes through the city streets, and after that he goes
to the church gate, where a music program is held and a table is prepared. During the Christmas holidays, an evening service is held, and on Christmas, the Holy Liturgy is served at midnight
and in the morning at 07:00 in the church of the Holy Prophet Ilija.

How to get to the temple of the Holy Prophet Ilija?

It is located near the Drina highway, in the municipality of Bajina Basta, in the Zlatibor district.
You can reach the village of Bacevci by your own transport. It is 80 kilometers away from Zlatibor, and 28 kilometers from Bajina Basta.

Additional information
It is recommended that you be decently trained, given that it is a religious building.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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