Spomenik Svetozaru Miletiću

Pozorišni trg 1, Novi Sad

The Statue of Svetozar Miletic - The most important information

One of the most interesting sculptures in Novi Sad is the monument to Svetozar Miletic, the most important leader of the Serbian people in the Habsburg monarchy, an MP, former mayor of Novi Sad and one of the most influential Serbs of the 19th century. As the mayor, Svetotar Miletić did a lot for Novi Sad and the Serbian people in general.

History of the statue of Svetozar Miletic 

The monument was officially erected on October 1, 1939, and even then it was a cultural monument of great importance and cultural good. The monument is the work of one of the most famous Yugoslav sculptors, Ivan Meštrović. The monument is made of the highest quality bronze and is placed on a postmanet of gray granite. There is an impressive architectural work.  The Town Hall, was created the same as the idea of ​​Svetozar Miletić. During the long, Serbian history, the monument has witnessed many turmoils and wars in this area. That is why it was removed during the Second World War, so that in 1944 it could be returned to its original place.

Significance of the statue of Svetozar Miletic
In order to additionally emphasize and explain the significance of the monument itself, it is necessary, first of all, to emphasize the significance of Svetozar Miletić himself. He declared the Serbian language official, abolished the German high school and advocated the erection of the magnificent building of the City Hall. Under his auspices, the Serbian National Theater was founded, the first theater in our country. A monument to one of the most influential citizens of Novi Sad was erected on Freedom Square, in front of the City Hall. As one of the most important and influential figures of his time, Svetozar Miletić certainly deserved a monument. Today, the power and significance of this monument is reflected in the fact that it preserves the memory of an incredible man who passionately fought for his people.

How to get to the statue of Svetozar Miletic?
Considering that the monument is located in a great location, in the very heart of Novi Sad, it is very easy to reach it from any part of the city. You can reach it:
  • By buses: 1, 14, 1Z, 153, 55, 62, 81, 84
  • By train: NS- Su
  • Own vehicle


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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