Trg Slobode- The most important information

Sloboda Square is the main city square, the heart of Novi Sad and the center of all the most important events. Throughout history, this beautiful spacious square has often changed its appearance and names, but it has always been the most beautiful ambient whole of the city. It is just the center of a pleasant pedestrian zone and the place where all the most impressive buildings in Novi Sad are located. In the center of the square, there is a seven-meter high monument to Svetozar Miletic, the work of the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Due to the monumentality and conspicuousness of this monument, the Square of Freedom is also known among the people of Novi Sad as "Miletić Square", or "Square near Miletić".

History of the square
This main city square began to be founded in the 18th century, when the city itself began to develop and expand. We can freely say how this square grew with the city. Throughout its long history, the square has changed its name. During the Austro-Hungarian rule, the square was called Franjo Josifam Square and it got its current name after the Second World War. In addition to frequent name changes, the square has regularly changed its purpose. Today, the square is part of an important pedestrian zone. When the invasion of the Nazi occupiers took place, the square had to undergo certain changes.

Significance of the square

Today's significance of the square is mostly reflected in its beauty and uniqueness. In addition, its significance lies in the fact that it is a central place in Novi Sad and a meeting place for many. There are many beautiful sights in this location that only further beautify the square. A number of cafes, restaurants, popular shops are also located along this square, making it even more significant and beautiful. A large number of buildings that have preserved the charming, gentlemanly appearance of Novi Sad are located right near this square. Liberty Square is the most beautiful point in the city for meetings, it is a pleasant place to walk or enjoy coffee and cake in one of the many lovely cafes and pastry shops overlooking the most beautiful square in the city.

What to see in the square

The square is dominated by the Town Hall, which is adorned with a facade made in the Neo-Renaissance style and an imposing tower. Opposite the City Hall is the Catholic Church of the Name of Mary, better known among the inhabitants of Novi Sad, simply, under the nickname Cathedral. The facade is made of yellow facade brick, and the church itself, as well as the interior carvings, is made in the neo-Gothic style. The windows are decorated with beautiful stained glass windows, which makes the interior of the place of worship as magnificent as the exterior. This religious building is imposing both outside and inside. Along with the Petrovaradin Fortress, it is one of the most recognizable symbols of this city, but also the first starting point during a tourist tour of the capital of Vojvodina. There is also the hotel "Vojvodina" on the square, the former "Grand Hotel", which today houses the headquarters of "Vojvodjanska banka".

How to get to the square
Given that it is located in the heart of Novi Sad, it can be said that all roads lead to it. We have selected for you how you can get to the first square:
  • by bus: 1, 14,1Z, 53, 55, 62, 84
  • by train: NS-SU
  • own vehicle