Saborna crkva u Novom Sadu

Nikole Pašića 4, Novi Sad

Cathedral- The most important information

The Cathedral is the most important Orthodox religious building in Novi Sad and the building that houses the Orthodox marble cross - the oldest public monument in Novi Sad. This Orthodox church is one of the most important city symbols and a place you must visit.

History of the Church
The cathedral was first mentioned in 1720, when a much smaller temple was located in its place. The need soon arose for the Serbian Orthodox congregation to have a larger church, so in 1734 the modest church was replaced by a new one. Turbulent periods led to great damage and decay of the church, which is why a comprehensive renovation was necessary at the end of the 19th century. Today's appearance of the church received a major renovation in the early XX. century during the time of Bishop Mitrofan Šević.

Appearance and peculiarities of the Church
  • The church is dedicated to St. George, whose performance you can see on one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the church.
  • The most beautiful works of art of the church were created, however, by the hand of the talented Paja Jovanović. He painted all 33 icons on the iconostasis and historical paintings above both choirs, the Coronation of Stephen the First-Crowned and Saint Sava reconciles the quarreling brothers Vukan and Stefan. Two large icons on thrones and wall ornaments are also his work.
  • The oldest preserved monument in Novi Sad is also connected to the church. It is a large Epiphany cross made of pink marble that you can see in the church gate.

How to get to the Church?
The Cathedral is located at Nikola Pašića 4, in the heart of Novi Sad. You need to get to Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard and then cross to the pedestrian zone. The temple is located in the very center of the pedestrian section and is ideal for touring during a walking tour through the city.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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