Gradski muzej Sombor

Trg Republike 4, Sombor

The City Museum in Sombor was founded in 1887. This museum covers the municipalities of Sombor, Apatin, Odzaci, Kula and Bac. In the City Museum you can see about 40 thousand exhibits classified into 5 categories: archaeological, numismatic, historical, ethnological and art collection. Take a peek into his room with us and learn something new!

History of the City Museum in Sombor
The creation of the City Museum is connected to the initiative of Istvan Ivanji, who issued a proclamation for the founding of the Historical Society of Bac-Bodroška County in 1880. The goal of this society was to collect and arrange antiquities related to the history of the county into museological collections. Ivanji started the high school collection in Subotica, which is counted as the beginning of the Subotica Museum, and in 1887 the Society in Sombor received a room for the needs of the museum on the ground floor of the County. Since 1906, the activity of the City Museum has been extended to the collection of ethnographic material.

Departments of the City Museum
The permanent exhibition of the City Museum consists of the already mentioned departments:
  • Archaeological department - exhibits from this department belong to the period from the Late Stone Age to the end of the Middle Ages. The most significant finds are from the Iron Age, and among them the exhibits from the necropolis in Doroslovo stand out.
  • Numismatic Department - here you can see the collection with the professional library of numismatics of the Sombor judge Imre Frey, which he donated to the Museum in 1952.
  • Historical department - in this department there are exhibits important for the native history of the city, such as written documents, objects or old maps. Official objects and documents of the county from the 19th century: flags, seals and books with the coats of arms of Sombor occupy a prominent place.
  • Ethnological department - the objects you can see here will give you an insight into the former way of life in Bačka, in the field of crafts, agriculture and handicrafts.
  • Art Department - The native collection of this department consists mainly of works of fine and applied art from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, while the Gallery of Contemporary Yugoslav Art has collections of works of art purchased at the annual exhibitions of Art Autumn.
How to get to the City Museum in Sombor?
  • The city of Sombor is about 200 km away from Belgrade. You can reach this city by car in 2 and a half hours (by highway A1 / E75 and via Route 15).
  • You can also get from Belgrade to Sombor by bus. On this route, the transport is performed by the carriers: Lasta, Severtrans and Best Komerc bus. The ticket price is 1150 dinars.
From the center of Sombor, you can reach the City Museum in 6-7 minutes on foot across Njegoševa Street.
Ticket prices and working hours of the City Museum in Sombor
  • The City Museum is open from Tuesday to Friday (from 8 am to 7 pm), while on weekends you can visit it from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • The ticket price for pupils, students and pensioners is 50 dinars, and for adults 100 dinars.
  • Children under the age of 7, members of the Museum Society of Serbia (MDS), members of ICOM, people with special needs, as well as friends of the Museum, with a card, have free entrance to the City Museum.


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