History of the Plebanija

Instead of the parish court, there used to be a Franciscan monastery on this place, which began to be built in 1743 for the accommodation of the Franciscans. The construction of this monastery, which was located next to the Church of the Holy Trinity, was completed in 1749. At that time, in the premises of the building, the citizens of Sombor were solemnly handed a privileged letter from Empress Maria Theresa, by which Sombor was declared a free and royal city. However, by decree of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, the Franciscans had to leave this city in 1786. That year, Sombor became the seat of Bačko-Bodroška County, and the building became the seat of the county administration, which will remain in this place until the construction of the County.

Appearance and characteristics of the Parish
Today, the Plebanija building is the seat of the parish court. On the south facade of this building, you will be able to notice one of the most famous attractions in Sombor. It is A Sundial, made in 1852, on the initiative of the then professor and manager of the Teacher's School, Jovan Čokor. This teacher was known for severely punishing students, which is why he had to leave Sombor. Only the Sundial remains behind him to testify to the difficult nature of this Sombor professor. The sarcastic-witty inscription on the watch will surely attract your special attention: One of these is your last!

How to get to Plebanija?
  • The parish court in Sombor is located on Tsar Lazar Square. This building is about 180 km away from Belgrade, while it is 84 km away from Novi Sad.
  • If you start from Belgrade by car, you can reach this place in 2 hours and 15 minutes (by highway A1 / E75 and Route 15). You will arrive from Novi Sad in an hour and a half (via Route 12).
  • If you come to Sombor by bus, then from the Severtrans bus station to Plebanija you can reach on foot (in about twenty minutes of easy walking across Sonja Marinković Street) or you can call a taxi service (Maxi Taxi Sombor: 025 442-222).


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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