History of the Magistrate

The town house in Sombor got its present appearance by adding new wings in 1840 and a tower in 1842. For this central architectural symbol of the city, the inhabitants of Sombor use other names: Town House or Magistrate. The town hall was built on the basis of the former court of Jovan Branković, the captain of the Sombor military trench. Jovan was the nephew and legal heir of the untried Serbian despot, Count George Brankovic. After Jovan's death, the building was sold to the administration of the newly proclaimed free and royal city for the needs of housing the magistrate. On the foundations of the castle, the present City Hall was built in 1842 in the neoclassical style, which housed the city administration and bureaucracy.

Appearance and characteristics of the Magistrate
The new building of the City Hall is a one-storey building with a square base with a central atrium and an axial passage. The façade has been moved from the east to the west, where a tower has been erected, under which there is a balcony and a ceremonial hall. The town house boasts the most luxuriously finished facade towards the Holy Trinity Square. Special attention will be drawn to the square bell tower, with a balcony on consoles and a carefully shaped lantern at the top. On the ground floor of this building, there used to be shops, on the first floor, the city administration and clerks, while the yard served as a storage room for firefighting equipment and a barn for town horses. Also, for some time, the city archive and the city library were located here. The sessions of the city Magistrate were held in the Ceremonial Hall. The seat of local self-government was in the City Hall until 1962. Today, the premises of political parties, non-governmental organizations and public media are located on this place, while the premises are located on the ground floor.

How to get to the City Hall in Sombor?
  • If you start from Belgrade by car, you can reach the City Hall in 2 hours and 20 minutes (by highway E75 and Route 15).
  • You can also reach Sombor by bus. From the Severtrans bus station you can reach the City Hall on foot or by taxi.
  • If you decide to walk, it will take you about twenty minutes across Sonja Marinković Street, and if you call a taxi, you will arrive in 7 minutes (via Staparski put). You can call one of the following taxi carriers: R-Taxi Service 025 450-450; Lav-Prevoz 025 444-555 or Maxi Taxi Sombor 025 442-222.
Working hours of the Magistrate
The working hours of the Service Center of the City Hall in Sombor are from 8 am to 3 pm every working day. All additional information can be obtained by calling 025 458-111.


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