Manastir Svetog arhiđakona Stefana

Grad, Sombor

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit the monastery of the Holy Archdeacon Stefan in Sombor? If you haven't, stay with us and learn more about this Orthodox monastery, as well as the easiest way to reach it.

History of the monastery
The monastery of the Holy Archdeacon Stefan belongs to the Diocese of Bačka of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The construction of this monastery began in 1928, at the request and donation of Stevan Konjović. In 1909, he left a great fortune to the Serbian Orthodox Church, with the obligation to build a monastery. The construction of this Orthodox monastery took 5 years. Due to the lack of money for interior decoration, the church was painted only in 1938. Then, Dr. Nenad Bugarski donated the money he needed to the monastery.

Appearance and characteristics of the monastery
The monastery of the Holy Archdeacon Stefan consists of a boarding house with a chapel, a lonely bell tower and a church. The monastery church was built in the Serbian-Byzantine style, rarely built in Vojvodina. The temple has a triconch base and a semicircular altar apse, while there are 2 towers on the facade. To the right of the outer façade is a large iron door for the entrance to the tomb. The church is painted with frescoes by Vladimir Predojević. In the altar is the Holy Trinity, above the northern apse of the Crucifixion, above the Salt of Spirits, above the southern apse the Nativity, while above the western apse is the Descent of Christ into hell. The wooden iconostasis was painted by the Russian painter Boris Seljanko. At the royal doors are: John the Baptist the Winged, the Mother of God, the Annunciation, Christ, as well as the archdeacon and first martyr Saint Stephen.

How to get to the monastery?
  • The monastery of the Holy Archdeacon Stefan is about 180 km away from the Serbian capital, so you will need a little less than 2 and a half hours by car to reach it (highway A1 / E75 and Route 15).
  • If you decide to come to Sombor by bus, then we advise you to take a taxi from the Severtrans bus station to this monastery. You can call R-TAXI: 025 422-336. You will arrive in just 5 minutes across Sveti Sava Street.
Additional information
The partisan and Red Army cemetery, with the fallen participants in the Battle of Batin, is located in the area around the monastery of the Holy Archdeacon Stefan. Since the end of 2005, worship services in this monastery have been performed by the clergy of two Sombor Orthodox churches, which also take care of its maintenance.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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