Evangelistička hrišćanska crkva

Trg Koste Trifkovića, Sombor

Church history

The Evangelical Parish was founded in Sombor in 1880. Worship services were originally held in a rented house until the Evangelical Church was built in 1901. This church was located in the immediate vicinity of the Central School and the City Theater, in the then Zmijina Street. The Evangelical Church was consecrated on December 8, 1901, and until 1908, worship services were held there by local reformers.

Appearance and characteristics of the church
The Evangelical Church is a rectangular building with a semicircular apse. The parish home was built next to the church in 1903, while the church tower was erected only a few decades later. The Evangelical Church requested permission from the city authorities in 1936 to build this tower. The cornerstone was laid in September 1937, and the solemn consecration was held in December of the same year. Funding was provided from donations from citizens of all faiths and nationalities, as well as with the help of other evangelical churches and the administration of the city of Sombor. When the tower was erected, a bell was received as a gift from the German evangelical association "Gustav Adolf".

How to get to the Evangelical Christian Church?
  • The Evangelical Christian Church is located in Sombor, on Kosta Trifković Square. If you start from Belgrade by car, you will reach this church in 2 hours and 15 minutes (by highway A1 / E75 and Route 15).
  • You can also reach Sombor by bus. From the Severtrans bus station, you can reach the Evangelical Church on foot (in about twenty minutes of easy walking across Sonja Marinković Street).
  • If you do not want to walk, you can cover this short distance by taxi (you will arrive in 5 minutes via Staparski put). Call: Lav-Prevoz 025 444-555 or Maxi Taxi Sombor 025 442-222.
Additional information
After the Second World War and the eviction of the Germans, the number of evangelical believers in Sombor dropped significantly. The Evangelical Church did not have a permanent pastor for decades and was slowly decaying, both outside and inside. With the help of the funds of this religious community and the city of Sombor, a detailed external and internal reconstruction of the church was done from 2015 to 2017.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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