Novosadska Sinagoga

Jevrejska 11, Novi Sad

Novi Sad Synagogue - the most important information

The center of Novi Sad is adorned with this magnificent synagogue, in Jevrejska Street. 
In addition, there are three other synagogues in Serbia. You will recognize it by its yellow, 
clinker brick decoration, while the interior is known for its stucco decoration. 
It is considered one of the most valuable buildings in Novi Sad. Today, the concert hall is
famous, where numerous music programs are held.
History of the Novi Sad Synagogue
Designed by Hungarian architect Lipot Baumhorn, it was built between 1906 and 1909. 
It was built on the site of the fourth synagogue in Novi Sad, which was built back in 1826. 
It is located between the Jewish community and the former Jewish primary school,
today a ballet school. The number of members of the Jewish community has 
significantly decreased, after the Holocaust, but the Novi Sad Synagogue is still in the 
same place, with open doors for all visitors, although it is no longer primarily a religious building.
What is obligatory to do in the Novi Sad synagogue?
Over time, the original purpose of the synagogue has changed, so it is now a space
where concerts of classical music and plays are held. Music programs are organized 
by the Music Youth of Novi Sad. If you are a fan of classical music, you will enjoy the elegant sounds of the youth choir, symphony orchestra, and vocal-instrumental compositions. 

How to get to the Novi Sad Synagogue?
Since it is located in the very center of the city, you can't miss this amazing building. You can reach it:
  • On foot: From the city center follow Strazilovska Street and Zarka Zrenjanina, from where you can cross to Mihajlo Pupina Boulevard, which leads you to Jevrejska street where the synagogue is located. The streets Pavle Soberger and Petra Drapsina will also take you to the synagogue.
  • By bus: 1Z, 54, 55, 5N, 61, 76, 79
  • By car: Located between Uspenska Street and Oslobodjenje Boulevard.
Additional information
Visiting the Synagogue is free. You can leave a donation of 100 dinars. All visitors 
must be properly trained because, regardless of the purpose, the Synagogue is a house of prayer.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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