Crkva Sv. apostola Petra i Pavla

Jovana Subotića, Novi Sad

Church of St. Apostles Petar and Pavle- the most important information

The Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Apostles Petar and Pavle is located in the center of Novi Sad. The believers of the Greek Catholic Church are the Ruthenians of Novi Sad, and the church is Uniate, which means that it unites elements of both the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church.

History of the Church of St. Apostles Petar and Pavle
The parish of the Greek Catholic Church was founded in 1780. Arsenije Teodorović stands behind the iconostasis of great value, and he was one of the most influential and most famous painters of the 18th and 19th centuries. The church was built in 1820, and due to the fact that many buildings were destroyed during the Buna, in 1849, this building has retained its original appearance in the Classicist-Baroque style. It was built for a total of 27 years and was reconstructed in 1997 when it celebrated 150 years of its existence. When the church received the golden cross, it was thought that Novi Sad would become the golden Kiev.

What to see in the Church of St. Apostles Petar and Pavle?
Laszlo Puskas, professor of fine arts, made icons in the Byzantine style in the mosaic technique. On the front of the temple, there are three icons that make up the magnificent triptych, and they are icons of St. Pavle and St. Petar, and the central icon of Jesus with the cross above his head. Worship gathers about 3,000 believers. The church has 150 seats and can accommodate twice as many people. Numerous activities are organized in the church, so you can attend:
  • Visiting choirs and the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, from the country and abroad
  • Religious education classes, are held for children up to 10 years in one and from 10 years in the   second group
  • Catechetical teachings that help to see problems through the teachings of Jesus
How to get to the Church of St. Apostles Petar and Pavle?
The corner of Jovan Subotić and Svetozara Miletica streets is adorned with this building. As the church is located in the very center of the city, you can easily reach it.
  •  By car - you will need about 10 minutes, from Dunavski park, via Bulevar Mihajla Pupina.
  •  By bus: 38A, 94
  •  On foot - it will take you only five minutes if you are leaving Jovana Subotića street.
Additional information
Since it is a religious building, it is recommended that you be decently clothed. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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