Galerija Vodenica Branka Tijanića

Šljivovica, Čajetina, Zlatibor

Branko Tijanić Watermill Gallery - the most important information

The village of Sljivovica, 15 kilometers from Zlatibor, is the place where the Tijanic watermill is located. It is 150 years old and is still used by the locals. It used to be the studio of the academic sculptor Branko Tijanic, a well-known author of the monument to the defenders of the Republika Srpska, in Visegrad.

History of the Branko Tijanić Watermill Gallery
In his mill, sculptor Branko Tijanić also made busts of local, important personalities as well as people from political and cultural life. He was born in the village where this gallery is located, in 1939, and he died in 2011 in Belgrade, at the age of 72, where he graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts, and then his talent was recognized. The most famous works are the monument to the victims of fascism in Sevojno and the bronze statue of General Draža Mihajlović in Ivanjica. His most significant work is located in the very center of Zlatibor, a monument to the General of the Drina Division Krsto Smiljanic, which was unveiled in 2008. The wheel used to grind grain is the same as it was at the very beginning, while the building has been completely renovated.

What must you see in the Branko Tijanić Watermill Gallery?
The mill is used for exhibition space by the niece of the sculptor Tijanić. During the summer, painting colonies are organized, so all art lovers can attend this event. You can also see:
  • busts
  • monumental monuments as the most significant works of Branko Tijanić
How to get to the Branko Tijanic Watermill Gallery?
The village of Sljivovica can be reached by your own transport. From the center of Zlatibor, it will take you about 20 minutes, you just have to follow e-761 highway.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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